Managing International Projects

Do you know what itís like when team members from different countries act more like competitors than colleagues?  When a foreign supplier assures you that everything is on track and you later discover major delays in their deliverables?  When contract negotiations with an international project partner go absolutely nowhere, even though the initial interest seemed high?

Youíre not alone.  International project collaboration is a reality for tens of thousands of program and project managers.  However, the track record is very mixed.  Organizations frequently struggle with misaligned expectations, differences in values and work styles, and the frustrations of communicating across distances, languages, and cultures.

The Managing Projects Across BordersSM series is a unique opportunity for Program and Project Managers to mitigate the many, often unseen risks in international work.  Workshops  and  Online Classes  are based on the best practices in International Project Management.  Our  Instructors  are experts who command deep first-hand knowledge of international business practices, successes, and failures.

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