Managing International Projects

Participant Feedback for the
                              Managing Projects Across BordersSM  Series

 Here are only a few of the many appreciative comments we received from participants of our Workshops and Online Classes:

  • “Great class, I will go out of my way to recommend it.”  Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company, United States

  • “The sessions on international projects were very informative and if I may so honestly admit: course content and format exceeded my expectations as well as in comparison to what I had studied at Georgetown University (in International Business Management).”  Program Manager for a Fortune 20 company, United States

  • “This course was well thought out and the construction of virtual international teams was a great way to demonstrate issues. The content, access to content and the way communication flowed made this an enjoyable and thought provoking course.”  IT Program Manager, United States

  • “The structure of your course was educational and fun at the same time, a rare combination these days where we get overwhelmed with so much data that we can hardly remember 10% of it one week later. I learned a lot in your class and sincerely enjoyed the opportunity for active participation. It is through exercises that adults can take full advantage of the material. You certainly accomplished that very well. I will recommend your class to others. It was clear you invested a significant amount of time and effort in making this class a success for all of us.”  IT Operations Leader for a Fortune 200 company, Canada

  • “[What could make the class better?] Nothing. It has been the best course I have taken in [my company].”  Project Manager for a Fortune 20 company, United Kingdom

  • “I want to express my satisfaction like attendant to your course in international projects. The methodology used was well designed to our busy agendas. Also, it was very illustrative the content of the course and your precise ideas [reflected] plenty of experience.”  Project Manager, Costa Rica

  • “Your course was so useful that I’ve been promoting cultural training with my own team in Toronto and my manager has become more interested in sharing insights with our internal teams to improve our working relationships overseas. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, the course and overall the opportunity to learn from you!”  Project Manager, Canada

  • “I'm currently in planning stages of a requirements elicitation workshop for our clients program, I will be extensively using the knowledge gained during the [3-day training].”  Client Relationship Manager for Fortune 200 company, United States

  • “The instructors for this course were excellent. They really helped to create an atmosphere of learning and excitement about the topic.”  Project Manager, Philippines

  • “Thank you for such a wonderful class and being timely with the certificate. It was a very engaging class!”  Program Manager, Australia

  • “One of the best virtual trainings I had!”  Project Manager, France

  • “I really liked the videos which can be accessed at any convenient time.”  IT Director for a Fortune 500 company, United States

  • “It was a great class. I have shared some of the knowledge and experience with my team members and a few client representatives.”  Project Manager for a Fortune 20 company, United States

  • “I thought the use of independent learning mixed with small group project interaction was excellent really”  Project Manager, United Kingdom

  • “The way you have it structured with many different vehicles of communication and learning works very well – if we all can’t be in one room the old fashion way, this is the next best thing!”  Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company, United States

  • “I just only want to said THANK YOU, it was a very good course and I had the possibility to learn a lot! You are great teacher congratulations for that!”  Project Manager for a Fortune 20 company, China

  • “I thought it was a very interesting course and would definitely be interested in learning more with Lothar & Sue.”  Project Manager for Fortune 20 company, The Netherlands

  • “It was very beneficial and I especially liked the out of the box ideas – such as making the effort to share cultural differences with the team so to increase understanding and acceptance of differences.”  IT Project Manager, United States

  • “I have already learned so much and remembering my earlier issues made me realize how valuable this class is.”  Project Manager, United States

  • “A very well thought out course. I found the daily newsletter extremely helpful, not only for the logistics but the valuable information in them, providing best practise and additional learning support materials. A very good idea.”  IT specialist for a Fortune 200 company, India

  • “Is very professional and the pause-speed helps students to get results. Love the examples and the differences for many countries.”  Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company, Brazil

  • “I greatly enjoyed the class as well. I am anxious to get to my next project to try some of the new communication skills I have learned.”  Project Manager, United States

  • “I did enjoy the class – despite attending right in the middle of busy end of financial year work! I learned a lot from the group participation as well as the class materials. It was interesting to hear contributions and insights from other attendees, especially those in my team. Good luck with the course in the future.”  Program Manager for a Fortune 20 company, United Kingdom

  • “I just started the first self-learning session, Lothar’s and Sue’s sharing is very good and just to the point, I really enjoy the training, appreciate your kind help.”  Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company, Japan

  • “One of the added bonus’s for me was the broad range of nationalities with which we worked – which helped to bring home the messages we were learning (e.g. my team managed to point out occasions where the language I used was too complex, hence removed from the slides, or I spoke too fast). Overall a very positive, and I expect helpful, experience.”  Program/Portfolio Manager, United States

  • “I found that this training was a great refresher on what is important when you work with multi-ethnic, multi-cultural project teams. I really enjoyed the class, your lectures were very interesting and not boring at all. You did an awesome work maintaining this crowd attentive and awaken. Thanks a lot.”  Project Manager, Portugal

  • “I really enjoyed the training and in spite of being working with people from various nationalities for quite a while, I have certainly learned a lot.”  IT Manager for a Fortune 20 company, United States

  • “Very well paced and Lothar was very clear with his oral communication. Very organized and timely communi­cations.”  Logistics Specialist, Sweden

  • “I much appreciated this training. In many ways, it demonstrated that the listening and being open minded is imperative to work on WW projects. I will remember that it is important to treat the others like they want to be treated.”  Program Manager for a Fortune 200 company, United States

  • “The class was excellent.”  R&D Manager, France

  • “I enjoyed the class and would like to recommend it to my team and some peers. Can you tell me when it’s going to be offered again?”  Logistics Manager for a Fortune 200 company, Serbia

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