We recommend the following publications and websites as additional resources for our workshop topics:

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  • Project Management: The Managerial Process  by Clifford Gray and Erik W. Larson
    Comprehensive text book on project management outlining a holistic integrative view. It includes a useful chapter on international project management and excellent instruction on all aspects of the project management process.

  • Global Project Management  by Jean Binder
    Presents a practical framework for managing projects across borders. The book won the 2008 PMI David I. Cleland project management literature award.

  • When Cultures Collide  by Richard D. Lewis
    Global business culture guide covering more than 50 countries. Includes extensive discussion of underlying cultural differences and ways to manage across cultures.

  • Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands  by Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, George A. Borden
    How-to guide for sixty countries, discussing cultural orientation, business practices, protocol, and more.

  • Cultures and Organizations  by Geert Hofstede
    A comprehensive model and atlas of cultures by the renowned Dutch interculturalist, based on his work for IBM in the 1960's and 1970's, researching differences in culture between 50 countries around the world.

  • Negotiating International Business  by Lothar Katz
    Country-specific summaries for each of 50 countries around the world, discussing aspects such as relationship building, communication, initial meetings, negotiation practices, decision making, agreements & contracts, women doing business in the country, and more.

  • Where in the World is My Team? - Making a Success of the Global Workplace  by Terrence Brake
    Provides a realistic view of the challenges and confusion that come with collaborating across cultures. The book has a list of useful terms and a number of very good ideas for dealing with creative collaborative attempts in cross-cultural settings.

  • Winning Project Team Support  by Sue Freedman and Lothar Katz
    This article provides several stories of well intentioned project managers who failed to build trust and rapport with their foreign colleagues. It also explains how one can avoid these costly mistakes.

  • Mission Critical: Why the Kick-off is the Most Important Meeting in the Life Of Your International Project  by Sue Freedman and Lothar Katz
    This article discusses why kick-off meetings are so important and how to design them in ways that build trust and understanding among international team members.

  • International Negotiation Quiz
    This short international negotiation quiz has only eight questions - but they can be challenging. Take a few minutes and see how well you will do in negotiating internationally.

  • Global Negotiation Resources – Country Sections
    Free downloads for all 50 country sections from Lothar Katz’ book  Negotiating International Business (see above)

  • The World Factbook
    A wealth of facts for just about any country on the planet.

  • Executive Planet
    Introductions to business do's and don'ts in more than 45 countries. Includes valuable facts about negotiation techniques and practices for each of the countries.

  • Kwintessential Country Profiles
    UK site that is somewhat similar to Executive Planet. Covers a few more countries and includes useful phrases in several languages.

  • Creating Cultural Competence
    Provides scores and explanation of Hofstede’s Cultural dimensions by country and provides business etiquette summaries for information for 30 countries.

  • Global Project Management
    This site has a wealth of resources for international project managers, from articles and links to blogs and discussion groups. It also shows a link to the LinkedIn group with the same name, which maintains a lively discussion of related subjects.

  • International Project Communication Checklist
    The first page of this checklist provides some great reminders on how to make sure that there is shared meaning when you communicate with your colleagues from different parts of the world. The second page provides detailed information on how to manage communication in an international project.

  • International Project Kick-off Meeting Checklist
    This checklist offers a easy planning guide for critical categories that should be covered in planning international kick-off meetings.

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