LIP:   Leading International Project Organizations

Skilled project managers with talented project teams will not succeed without the educated support of their senior leaders.  Program Managers and Senior Executives have three critical roles:  1) they must design or select projects that are appropriate for specific international settings;  2) they need to select and support project managers who can succeed internationally;  3) they must adapt their behaviors to the cultural requirements of their foreign colleagues.  Filling these roles effectively is a crucial leadership requirement for successful cross-cultural collaboration.

If you are a senior project or program manager, or if you lead a project-driven international organization, you will find that Leading International Project Organizations  covers the organizational culture and personal leadership skills you need for program and project success on an international scale.  It enables leaders to understand and adapt to the cultural differences that impact project management, to plan for the resource requirements that characterize international projects, and to develop the influencing and negotiating skills they need in order to exert influence and manage conflicts in international settings.  Taught by instructors with extensive business experience, this interactive workshop includes explanations, tools sets, and practice using case examples from different cultures and industries.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Cultural differences that matter in an international project environment

  • Effective communication across cultures and ways to obtain information and feedback

  • Successfully influencing and negotiating with people in foreign countries

  • Effective ways to lead cross-cultural virtual teams

  • Creating an organizational culture that fosters ownership, cooperation, and personal accountability among dispersed and culturally diverse teams


Day 1:  Effective Collaboration in International Settings
            Focus: Cultural Dimensions, cross-cultural communication,
            best practices in international project work

Day 2:  Influencing and Negotiating in Other Cultures
            Focus: Effective influence strategies, decision making styles
            and how to influence them, negotiation practices and tactics,
            reaching closure

Day 3:  Managing Remotely and Preventing/Resolving Cross-
            Cultural Conflicts

            Focus: Trust building across cultures, identifying and
            addressing customer expectations, handling conflict with

Day 4:  Building a Collaborative International Culture
            Focus: Design and management of projects crossing
            distances and cultural differences; shaping organizational
            culture; support systems that accommodate cultural
            differences and guide project stakeholder behavior; decision
            making and timing requirements; communication across
            culturally diverse team members, customers, and partners.

Target Audience:

  • Senior project managers leading international project teams

  • Program managers overseeing an international project environment

  • Senior managers and executives leading project-driven international organizations

To inquire about in-house offerings of this workshop, please call the UTD project management office at  +1-972-883-5802  or e-mail us at

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