NIP:   Negotiating And Working With International        
Customers, Suppliers, And Partners

Working with customers, suppliers, outsourcing vendors, or development partners in an international environment takes more than superficial knowledge of cultural differences.  Acceptable behaviors, relationship building, influence strategies, and decision processes vary across cultures and require different skills.  Lacking these skills is a serious handicap for anyone working in an international setting.

If you are working across organizational boundaries with international customers, suppliers, or other partners, Negotiating And Working With International Customers, Suppliers, And Partners  will teach you the rules and best practices you need to master complex cross-boundary situations.  It addresses the special requirements of influencing and negotiating in other cultures, as well as the complex relationship and conflict management skills involved in establishing productive relationships with international customers.  Taught by instructors with extensive business experience, this interactive workshop includes explanations, tools sets, and practice using case examples from different cultures and industries.

    Key Learning Areas
    Topics Covered
    PMBOK® Knowledge Areas
    Target Audience

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Project Management Professionals®
receive 24 PDU credits for the workshop

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Key Learning Areas:

  • Cultural differences that matter in an international project environment

  • Effective communication across cultures and ways to obtain information and feedback

  • Successfully influencing people in foreign countries; how to be 'properly' influenced

  • Negotiation styles and techniques that drive better outcomes in international negotiations

  • Interacting with international customers in ways that build trust and credibility

Topics Covered

1.  Culture and Project Management

  • Cultural differences impacting international project success

  • The expanded role of relationships in international business and multicultural projects

2.  The Successful International Project Manager

  • Influencing stakeholder decisions

  • Understanding the objectives and concerns of foreign customers and partners

  • Adjusting leadership, customer management, and negotiation style to cultural context

3.  Influencing and Negotiating in a Global Context

  • Recognizing cultural differences in influence and negotiation approaches and practices

  • Matching influence style to culture and relationship

  • Factors that impact global negotiations

  • Preparing adequately for international negotiations

  • Adapting negotiation style to the country-specific context

  • Applying and countering negotiation tactics effectively across cultures

  • Negotiating in teams

  • Timing concessions

  • Reaching agreement and closure

  • Managing international contracts

4.  Developing International Customer Relationships

  • Differences in expectations and time requirements to build relationships

  • Identifying objectives and concerns

  • Recognizing cultural bias in one’s expectations and mitigating its effects on international relationships

  • Demonstrating competence and positive intentions in different cultures

5.  Maintaining International Customer Relationships

  • Communicating and managing expectations across cultures

  • Preventing, recognizing, de-escalating, and resolving conflict in international settings


Day 1:  Effective Collaboration in International Settings
            Focus: Cultural Dimensions, cross-cultural communication,
            best practices in international project work

Day 2:  Influencing and Negotiating in Other Cultures
            Focus: Effective influence strategies, decision making styles
            and how to influence them, negotiation practices and tactics,
            reaching closure

Day 3:  Managing Remotely and Preventing/Resolving Cross-
            Cultural Conflicts

            Focus: Trust building across cultures, identifying and
            addressing customer expectations, handling conflict with

PMBOK® Knowledge Areas covered:

  • Project Integration Management

  • Project Time Management

  • Project Cost Management

  • Project Risk Management

  • Project Human Resource Management

  • Project Procurement Management

  • Project Communications Management

  • Project Stakeholder Management

Target Audience:

  • Project managers working with foreign customers or with collaborative development / outsourcing partners

  • Program managers overseeing an international project environment that includes foreign stakeholders and/or customers

  • Others involved in an international project environment that includes foreign stakeholders and/or customers, e.g. business development managers, marketing professionals, procurement professionals, functional domain managers, etc.

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