Other Workshop Offerings

While our 2- to 4-day workshops on  Managing International ProjectsNegotiating and Working with International Customers, Suppliers, and Partners,  and  Leading International Project Organizations  are all available for in-house delivery, we also offer several shorter workshops as shown below that focus on narrower subject areas.

For all in-house workshops, we offer extensive customization options in order
to meet specific client requirements, for instance to focus on specific industry, cultural, or communication needs.  Please contact us at +1-214-679-2120  or e-mail us at  info@managingprojectsacrossborders.com to discuss your training and coaching needs.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following workshops require one full day, with six or more hours of instruction and interactive learning.

100.  Effective Communication in International Project Settings
Understanding culture-specific expectations and preferences; adjusting behaviors (with cultural self-assessment); effective communication and project leadership practices in a culturally diverse environment.

101.  Successful International Project Initiation
Culture-specific expectations and preferences; planning and initiating international projects effectively; managing stakeholders; successful international project kick-offs.

102.  Managing Conflict in International Projects
Culture-specific expectations and preferences; executing the right strategies to anticipate and prevent conflict; recognizing conflict across cultures; conflict resolution strategies.

We also offer a half-day version of this workshop.

201.  Managing International Project Relationships
Culture-specific expectations and preferences; establishing productive relationships with international customers and partners; building trust; effective conflict management skills.

202.  Negotiating and Influencing Across Borders
Culture-specific expectations and preferences; influence styles and intentions (with self-assessment); how international negotiations differ from domestic ones; foreign negotiation styles/tactics and how to deal with them effectively.

We also offer a half-day version of this workshop.

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